Oil Filter Master Pliers


Removing the oil filter from cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and lawn and garden equipment can be adjusted and fixed at any angle to suit the installation, removal and tightening of any shape.


google locking pliers   


Product Specs
Type Gong Maw Item No. Size Max. Jaw Capacity Remark
American 306MP 10"/ 240mm 4 2/3" (118mm)  
313MP 12"/290mm 120mm  
European 306MPE 10"/ 240mm 4 2/3" (118mm)  
313MPL 12"/290mm 120mm  
Easy Release 306MPAET   10"/ 240mm 4 2/3" (118mm)  
313MPAET 12"/290mm 120mm  

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