Automatic Long C-Clamp Locking Pliers

10" 、 19"

The long-lock C-Clamp locking pliers feature wide-open jaws for added functionality when clamping a variety of shapes. The telescopic telescopic pliers have a deeper throat that increases the reach. Adjusting the locking pliers provides the versatility of a standard locking pliers. Conventional locking pliers require two hands to adjust the chin opening for each task, and the long lock C-clamp locking pressure control screw locking mechanism allows the jaws to be automatically adjusted to any size for one-handed operation. Whether it's thick or thick, self-adjusting locking pliers make work faster and easier.

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Product Specs
Gong Maw Item No. Size Max. Jaw Capacity Remark
T309CR 9"/225mm 112mm  
T318RA 18"/455mm 220mm  

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