Axial Welding Pliers


6PC axial locking clamp automatic welding fixture clamp repair automatic body work; making welded or steel joints. This welded tong kit comes with 6 different axial zippers. Each pliers allows clamping of different types of joints. They are released with one-handed buttons and are made of durable heat-treated steel.




google locking pliers

Product Specs
Gong Maw Item No. Size Max. Jaw Capacity Remark
528W 8"/ 205mm 2/5"(10mm)  
525JJ 9"/ 231mm 2/5"(10mm)  
515LL  8 5/8"/ 219mm 3/5"(15mm)  
522J 8 1/3"/ 212mm 2/5"(10mm)  
512L 7 5/7"/ 196mm 3/5"(15mm)  
518T 7 3/4"/ 197mm 3/5"(15mm)  

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