Adjustable Jaw Locking Pliers

9 5/6"、10 5/6"、10 5/8"、11 3/7"

Forged and heat treated jaws and knurled screws for fine adjustment. Chrome finished product, resistant to corrosion. Quick release system - Release immediately when the lower handle is pressed. Securely unlock/unlock the trigger to prevent accidental release. One-handed operation is simple, eliminating the need to release the force required by the locking mechanism. Forged and hardened jaws with heavy duty grooves for continuous clamping. Knurled screws can be fine-tuned.




google locking pliers

Product Specs
Gong Maw Item No. Size Max. Jaw Capacity Remark
4036 9 5/6"/ 250mm 2 4/9"(62mm)  
4037 10 5/6"/ 275mm 3 1/7"(80mm)  
4038 10 5/8"/ 270mm 2 7/8"(73mm)  
4139 11 3/7"/ 290mm 3 4/7"(91mm)  

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