Round Jaw Locking Pliers


Round Jaw Locking Pliers applys to the rusted or deformed screw nuts releasing.

Easy Release design is 2x easier to open.

No-trigger release, and offers one hand operation with soft grip.

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Product Specs
Type Gong Maw Item No. Size Capacity for Screw Nut Remark
American 310N 10" / 250mm 14mm~25mm  
307N 7" / 175mm 6mm~21mm  
European 310NE 10" / 250mm 14mm~25mm  
307NE 7" / 175mm 6mm~21mm  
Easy Release  310NAET 10" / 250mm 14mm~25mm  
307NAET 7" / 175mm 6mm~21mm  

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Round Jaw Locking Pliers-01