Pistol Grip Locking Pliers


These pliers are intended to reduce hand strain and fatigue, and are ideal for use in confined spaces. And exert for up to 50% more force in twisting applications.

Fantastic Power for Push-Pull-Torque actions! One hand use only.

Pistol grip pliers and long nose pliers in one tool.

70 degree angled design allows exertion of up to more force in twisting applications.

Keeps wrists straight to reduce strain and general fatigue.

Thumb release and knurled adjustment screw for fast and easy work.

Long jaw with straight and curved profiles for multiple application.

Cushion grip helps reduce slippage with added comfort.

Allows use in areas of limited space.



google locking pliers   


Product Specs
Gong Maw Item No. Size Max. Jaw Capacity Remark
906 6" (150mm) (40mm)  
905 5" (130mm) (30mm)  

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